High Security K4 Swing Gate For Henkels & McCoy, Inc. [Video]


Project Overview


Fortress Fence (a division of Century Fence) recently completed installing a high security K4 crash engineered swing gate. This exact swing gate shouldn’t be overlooked as just any ordinary gate. In fact, it’s nearly opposite of a typical gate that you may think of. This gate is designed to be able to withstand forces as strong as a head on collision with a moving truck!

Please feel free to watch video below to an idea of the strength of a K4 swing gate:


The project was designed by the Tymetal Corporation and the swing K4 gate was installed as 8’ high x 20’ wide. During this project, the gate required (2) 8” stanchions to be put in place. The stanchions would be later moved into a 4’ deep x 6’ wide x 6’ long steel reinforced concrete footings. Lastly, the gate was then placed on 6″ square gate posts for more reinforcement. With all of these high security measures put into place, it’s a safe bet to say that the gate will be able to withstand just about any truck or automobile that comes its way.



Request From Business


To take a couple steps back, this project was completed for Henkels & McCoy, Inc. They are an established construction engineering company that’s currently headquartered out of Pennsylvania. This project was designed by the Tymetal Corporation for the American Transmission Company (ATC) in their Branch River substation. By installing the new heavy duty K4 swing gate, it gives ATC the relief and peace of mind that an unauthorized vehicle won’t be able to enter their high voltage electrical substation.


Our Solution


In order to meet all expectations, it was clear that the K4 rated swing gate was the best option for their facility. What was very unique about this project included that it was the first time that Fortress Fence has installed a K4 high security fencing.

To give more exact details on the heavy duty swing gate, it is tested where it can handle an impact from a 15,000 Ib. vehicle traveling up to 30 mph! Tymetal Corp had specifically stated that, “this K4 rated crash gate has met DOS and ASTM standards for perimeter barrier resistance.”

Take a look at another short clip moving why this crash rated gate meets DOS and ASTM standards:


Final Results


Where many other crash tested gates have a tendency to fold under pressure, Fortress Fence’s K4 crash gate provides the protection that is needed in order to keep Henkels & McCoy’s location safe and secure. While working on this project, the Fortress Fence team didn’t work directly for the owner of (ATC), instead Fortress Fence worked with the general contractor on the project.

The K4 swing gate was a portion of the work on the entire high security task, and the project had also included installing expanded metal fencing. All deadlines and construction timelines were set by Henkel’s and were met on time by Fortress Fence. In the end, Fortress Fence successfully  met all of the facilities needs in our ever changing world of high security needs.




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