We’re open for business – 100 years and counting



Very few companies reach the 100 year mile marker. It takes a special breed and culture to navigate an ever changing marketplace.


To put it in perspective how much change has occurred over the course of our 100 years:


Century Fence has been successfully navigating the evolution of technology, laws, customer expectations, products, and competitors for over 100 years and counting. Most companies do not experience the growing pains of transitioning from type writers and rotary phones to tablets and electronic driver logs.


We are able to make these leaps because we have a culture ingrained in growth and dedicated to being a part of an organization larger than ourselves. We come to work for our families, the company, and the community as a whole. Providing first-class service to our customers allows us to be a leader in the marketplace and ultimately the community.


To kick off our 100th year in business we jumped on a bus and volunteered at The Gathering, an organization providing meals to the homeless, in Milwaukee, WI.







Century Fence’s story is possible because of the great people who join the team and our customers who trust us to perform on their projects around the Midwest.


We’re looking forward to the next 100 years of serving you and giving back to the communities that make our story possible!

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this solution, please feel free to contact Century Fence Company today. With over 100 years’ experience in the commercial fencing industry, we can customize a solution to fit your needs. And with a salesforce throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, we can come to you and get your project done correctly and quickly.

To reach one of our salespeople, please contact one of our offices:

1-800-558-0507 Milwaukee/Madison

1-800-280-1551 Green Bay

1-800-328-9558 Minnesota