Breath Taking Christmas Lights At Bayfront Park


Project Overview


When the holidays start to approach, it usually starts to become quite obvious. Everything from the Christmas music being played to even the snow beginning to fall. With this time of the year, many families have traditions that they like to take part in each year. For families in Duluth Minnesota area, it’s the iconic Bayfront park. What makes this park so special is all of the lights that get put on display. Although before any of the light displays can be admired, Century Fence first had to step in and help make it possible.

Requests From Business


The Bayfront park is undoubtedly stunning when it hosts its premiere events throughout the year. For this holiday season, it was requested that Century Fence would install some sort of fencing all around and throughout their displays. Their main objectives for Century Fence was to keep guests safe and provide perimeter security to prevent ensure all guests arrive through the main entrance of Bayfront Park.

Our Solution


Once the Century Fence team got together, it became clear that the best type of fencing to install was going to be ornamental fencing. The reasoning behind this is because ornamental fencing provides a combination of a very professional design while providing security. This proved to be the perfect choice for Bayfront park.

Final Results


Before any snow had hit the ground, Century Fence had successfully installed all of the needed ornamental fencing. The fencing now also adds space where even more lights can be hung. Below are images from the Bentleyville Christmas light display. Now with all the changes completed, one can only imagine how much better the displays will look for this year’s Christmas show!

Century Fence wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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