Century Fence Generates a New Generator Enclosure

Project Overview

The city of Appleton is nestled in the middle of Wisconsin which is where the Fortress Fence team just completed one of their most recent projects. Appleton, Wisconsin is the home to over 70,000 people and is also the home of Lawrence University. Their roots are well-grounded since its establishment in 1847 making it the second oldest coeducational Universities in the United States. Since the mid-1840s, the college has grown sustainably, and with this growth requires new add-ons and upgrades which is where Century Fence comes into the picture.

Lawrence Trex

Business Requests

Enrolled students have the ability to live on campus in order to make their commutes minimal. These apartments are incredibly important to students since it gives them a convenient location to live while attending college. Having access to a facility like this is a must for many students. With that said, having power in the building is a necessity which is why the apartments are powered by a couple of generators located just outside the building. While this may be expected, the generators were exposed to the public including the students making it a potentially dangerous hazard. In order to ensure the safety of everyone, Century Fence was called in to install new fencing around the generators. 

Lawrence Trex

Our Solutions

The type of fencing that was decided was to use Trex Seclusions Fence Panels. This type of fencing is known as a vinyl styled fencing that comes off as visually appealing. This new fence was painted a dark gray to not stand out and become a distraction. The height of the fencing is 8 feet high. The perimeter of the 4-sided enclosure is 12′ x 22′  with one 6′ double swing gate. The posts holding the structure together are firmly plated to the concrete slab. The new enclosure is aesthetically appealing while not drawing attention to the enclosure. 

Lawrence Trex

Final Results

With the original objective of keeping people safe from the generators, that objective was completed, but also it was done with great styling thanks to the vinyl Trex Seclusions Fence Panels. Now the students shouldn’t have to be concerned with anything happening with their apartment generators and can be confident that it will ready at all times. The Century Fence is ready to take on the next project that awaits!

Lawrence Trex
Lawrence Trex

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