Century Fence Helps Baseball Star Create Lasting Legacy


Project Overview


It’s truly an accomplishment to become a star in Major League Baseball. Imagine, thousands of fans yelling your name, cheering you on throughout your career. Although, in time, that noise starts to settle down and at one point ends. However, there’s an exception to this, and that’s to become legendary. How does a player do this exactly? They leave a legacy. That’s exactly what Cal Ripken Jr. has done by creating the Cal Ripken Foundation.

For the most recent Century Fence project, the Cal Ripken Foundation, along with the Journey House fully funded a new baseball field for young athletes. With the help of Century Fence, they made this baseball field become a destination for youth baseball field.


Business Requests


In order to complete the vision of creating a baseball field that players will look forward to playing on, it was requested that Century Fence would help install new fencing around the entire field, new netting, and other small touches that would give this baseball field its great look and functionality.


Our Solutions


When the final details were confirmed, Century Fence went ahead to completing each part of the field to make sure it will last for many years to add on to Cal Ripkin’s legacy. The vinyl fencing that went around the outfield was an 6 foot black vinyl palisade. Additionally, there was the backstop which ended up being 24 ft tall. Along with these additions were new 4 foot sidelines, premium yellow top caps (added along the 6 foot fencing) and fabric installed around the frame of each dugout.

Final Results


A baseball game may only last for a couple hours, but the values and lessons learned on the field can last a lifetime. By having Century Fence assist with the additions of the new baseball field, the Cal Ripken Foundation can be confident that thousands of athletes will be able to enjoy this field in the years to come. Moving forward, Century Fence can’t wait to move to the next project. Now, the only thing left is for the players to hear, playball!