Century Fence Hits It out of the Park with New Chain Link Fencing

Project Overview

There’s nothing quite like watching a ball game during the summer. The fence is ALWAYS an essential ingredient, so we’re glad we were able to partner with the Pewaukee Park System to install a quality fence to meet their specifications!

Business Requests

There are many questions to go along with the installation of a fence around a baseball field, such as:

  • What type of fence would you like?
  • how large do you want your backstop? How tall? How wide?
  • What height perimeter Fence would you like?
  • Would you like the posts driven?
  • Would you like the corner posts in the outfield to have braces?

These questions were quickly answered and solutions were provided by the Century Fence team to tailor the solution to the Pewaukee Parky System intended use for the baseball field.

Pewaukee park

Our Solutions

The typical styles of fencing to go along with a baseball diamond are Chain Link or Vinyl fencing. The Pewaukee Park System ultimately decided upon an EIGHT foot high galvanized chain link fence around the perimeter with a 30 feet high backstop. For youth baseball, this is often the perfect height to prevent foul balls from entering out of bounds territory.

Pewaukee park

Final Results

The Century Fence team successfully installed the baseball field to the specifications of the Pewaukee Park System and is ready for use throughout the summer! We hope to hit a home run with your next baseball project!

Pewaukee park infographic

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