Connecting the World One Satellite at a Time


Project Overview


There’s no shortage of activities to do in Wisconsin, and when visiting Lake Geneva, it surely guarantees a good time. With being able to enjoy parks, hiking trails, museums, golfing, ski hills and of course tons of on-water activities. Located in Lake Geneva is Isotropic Networks Inc, a Satellite communication service. Century Fence was able to assist Isotropic in installing new gating and removing their previously distressed fencing.

Businesses Requests


As a business, it’s smart to be looking to expand your business to reach new customers. For Isotropic, this is exactly what they were trying to do. They wanted to expand their operation by adding more space inside their fenced-in area for more satellite dishes. Additionally, the removal of their previous fencing had also been requested. 


Our Solutions


To ensure that all of Isotropic’s expectations were met, the Century Fence team removed half of their existing green chain link fence. Once complete, the team installed new green vinyl coated chain link fencing that was 8’ high. This was successfully able to expand their area where they can now move forward in installing more satellite dishes. Next, a brand new operated slide gate was installed to replace their preexisting gate. 

Final Solutions


The Century Fence team was able to complete this project before the end of 2019! The end results not only proved to be a visual upgrade but a true upgrade to the function of Isotropic’s facility. The more dishes that they can install, the more business they can undertake to expand their business into the future. Century Fence looks forward to the next project that awaits!