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Taking the risk with a contractor who doesn’t have the experience or the professionalism is an expensive risk. It’s important to consider the quality or lack of quality a contractor will provide while reviewing quotes. It happens more than you think that we get calls on projects where the lowest bidder didn’t understand the job and have left the site incomplete leading to more hassles and a more expensive job than expected.

For example, the picture below was for an ornamental fence where the contractor failed to install the fence properly. It turned into a much more expensive project because a contractor was selected who didn’t have the workmanship to install the fence properly. The posts were set into concrete at the inappropriate distances throughout the site leading to a large investment in an ornamental wave fence unprofessionally installed. This job could have been done correctly the first time around, but the reality is that all contractors cannot perform at the same level. It’s important to select a contractor with a reputation for excellence because your time and money are extraordinarily valuable.

Ornamental went wrong

Century Fence recently installed the exact same wave fence in Port Washington. Check out the picture below:

Port Washington Wave Fence

Century Fence was able to professionally install all the panels correctly the first time around providing our customer a hassle free experience. We have been in business for over 97 years because we value the trust our customers put in us to finish their projects in a professional and timely manner.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this solution, please feel free to contact Century Fence Company today. With over 100 years’ experience in the commercial fencing industry, we can customize a solution to fit your needs. And with a salesforce throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, we can come to you and get your project done correctly and quickly.

To reach one of our salespeople, please contact one of our offices:

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