Green Bay, WI Offers More Than Lambeau Field!


Project Overview


In Green Bay, Wisconsin, there’s more to do than just enjoy a Packers football game! In fact,
there’s many opportunities for plenty of in-store shopping! The Titletown District, close to
Lambeau field is a perfect place for exactly that. Titletown is known for its shops, restaurants,
and year-round activities taking place. In order for each part of Titletown to run smoothly, certain
safety precautions are best for its visitors and its hometown locals. This is where Fortress
Fence, division of Century Fence was able to successfully step in and install a new gate and

Businesses Requests


Fortress Fence was called to complete two separate jobs within the Titletown District. The first
one was to install a gate between Titletown Tech and Hinterland. This exact project was to
guard off multiple garbage disposals. The gate is still large enough where a garbage truck could
fit in, yet is always closed until it’s opened. As for the other project, the vinyl fencing that had
been installed is located on a maintenance building within the district. This exact vine fencing
was very unique since the design was to allow vegetation to grow onto the fencing.


Our Solutions


Working near Lambeau Field isn’t new for the Fortress Fence crew. In fact, Fortress Fence has
specialized in the Green Bay area for all major gate and fencing needs. That includes the fact
that Fortress Fence is experienced in working within the often busy Titletown District. This is key
to ensure a quick, safe and successful project. For each of the projects assigned, the Fortress
Fence crew was able to finish in a timely manner.

Final Solutions


The projects in Titletown were both successful to Fortress Fence and to the people living in
Titletown. The projects were completed as planned and were completed smoothly. That is
success in the eyes of Fortress Fence. As for the people of Titletown, they now have fencing
that will help keep their community safe. This is a true win-win situation. Fortress Fence looks
forward to working within the Titletown area in the future!