How to Install an Ornamental Fence 100 Feet in the Air

Project Overview

Not many fence contractors can claim they’ve installed fence 100 feet in the air…Fortress Fence – Division of Century Fence was the trusted contractor on a unique and challenging project installing fence 100 feet in the air for New Water, a wastewater treatment facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was a great project to showcase professionalism in procuring the best product, installing safely and on schedule for the end of year deadline.

new water

Business Requests

New Water was looking to reduce their extraordinary exposure at the top of their 100 foot tall digesters. The fencing on top of the digesters was essential to ensure the safety of their employees performing regular recurring maintenance. Fortress Fence provided assistance in selecting the best fit material for their budget and specific requirements for the area. New Water ultimately decided to use an ornamental product from Ameristar.

new water

Our Solution

During this project, Fortress Fence worked closely with the Ameristar (vendor) engineers to ensure the final product aligned perfectly with New Water expectations. This was a unique project and required multiple iterations of shop drawings between our customer and the vendor. The final design of the ornamental fencing was eight feet high. It was imperative to ensure the proper material was installed given the difficult nature of the project and the time sensitive installation.

Final Results

New Water wanted the installation completed before the end of 2017 and the Fortress Fence team was able to successfully deliver a safe and secure installation 100 feet above ground level! The fence provides a much safer work environment for the New Water employee base.

100 feet infographic

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