Let the Show Begin with Century Fence

Project Overview

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, you’d know that there’s rarely any shortage of activities to take part in. Anything from the famous Camp Randell Stadium which is the home of the top-ranked Wisconsin Badgers, all the way to attending concerts and comedian acts at the Orpheum Theater. One of Century Fence’s most recent projects was working at the new Gebhardt building located at the East Washington Corridor area of Madison. This space can fit up to 2500 people and can be rented out for special events.

Gebhardt Madison

Businesses Request

Over the years, the community of Madison and its surrounding areas have continued to flourish. With this in mind, the city has continued to invest in itself to help with its expansion of people and growing businesses. One of the businesses includes Gebhardt building. It allows its guests to enjoy various foods and beverages during various shows and acts throughout the year. This brings in lots of people annually which is one of the reasons why it was so crucial for this concert hall to have the proper fencing in place to ultimately ensure guest safety.

Gebhardt Madison

Our Solutions

The next step for the Century Fence team was to move forward in installing chain link infills for the concert hall railings, chain link ceiling panels for the offices and a chain-link stairwell divider. 7′ & 8′ chain link panels were used on the mezzanine wall, railing in the concert hall, stairwell and for 4’ x 6’ panels for ceiling. More specifically, the fencing installed is the galvanized chain link fencing. In this specific project, everything was made custom from Century Fence. The team was able to work on a tight schedule and still have the job completed successfully.

Gebhardt Madison

Final Results

Regardless if you’re able to see the results in person, or simply through the pictures, the end results were exactly what they were looking for. The design compliments the rest of the interior of the building and gives the design even more character. Many times, it’s the little details that make all of the difference! The Century Fence team is excited to partner with you to find innovative ways to bring your project to the finish line!

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