MKE Airport Gets New Barrier Gates

Project Overview

If you plan on leaving Wisconsin anytime soon, there’s a good chance that you’ll be flying out of MKE airport. Built in 1955, the Milwaukee airport is known for flying out millions of people over the years it’s been open. With this constant usage of people coming in and out everyday, this creates heavy wear overtime. If that wasn’t enough, add in harsh Wisconsin winter weather! With more and more people coming and using the airport, it was decided that further addons were needed in order to ensure the facility was secure.

Milwaukee airport

Business Requests

The bottom line was that there were three main objectives to complete for MKE Airport. The first one was to create and install a heavy duty custom barrier gate. The next one was to create a 32 foot opening double swing gate. Lastly, was to install a emergency barrier gate. These upgrades were made with the purpose of continuing to expand MKE airport

Our Solutions

The Century Fence team had to work together in order to make this large project a great success. The entire project had to have a completely custom design since it was so large of an area. If you’ve ever seen the amount of space a airport has, then you’d have a good idea of what the team was working with. At the end of the day, Century Fence used a 3” square frame and 8” square posts. These were set in 5 feet deep in concrete with sonotube.

Final Results

Once the project had finished, the final results were substantially better than what the facility was before the upgrades. With growing safety concerns, it only made sense for MKE airport to increase its overall security to make sure that it has several options to choose from in the case of an emergency situation. Century Fence looks forward to the next upcoming projects before ending the year 2018.

Milwaukee airport

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