Ornamental Fencing All Set For The South Shore Yacht Club

Project Overview

If you’re looking for the largest Yacht club on Lake Michigan, then look no further than the South Shore Yacht Club! Since 1938, its been bringing together boat enthusiasts to enjoy time out on the water with their vessels. With over 80 years of history, the Yacht club seeking to reinvest in its historic facility. That’s where Century Fence was able to step in to add some needed upgrades.

south shore yacht club

Business Requests

What needed to get done was quite clear to the South Shore Yacht Club. First, over time the club had naturally grown in members. Because of this, they needed to expand their parking lot to be able to properly fit all of their members. Additionally, with typical harsh Wisconsin weather year around, their seawall area was in dire need of repair. Thus, they had requested that the Century Fence team go ahead to start and complete its reconstruction.

south shore yacht club

Our Solutions

When the Century Fence team got to work on this project, they ended up installing ornamental fence with 1” pickets and all posts plate set around the perimeter of the boardwalk. The ornamental fence solution provides a great aesthetic appeal while providing the proper safety precautions for the public.

south shore yacht club

Final Results

The final product looks fantastic providing a great aesthetic appeal while providing a practical perimeter purpose. The team was able to complete the project in a timely manner. Moving forward, the Yacht club should expect their newest additions to last for many decades to come!

south shore yacht club

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