Ornamental Security Fencing Installed at WE Energy

Project Overview

Right now, there’s a good chance that you couldn’t be reading this blog post if it wasn’t for WE Energies. Not only just that, but it’s also possible that you would be able to turn on your oven, microwave, and most of your other home appliances that many of us take for granted each day. Even though each appliance does a certain task, they all have one thing in common. They need electricity. This is where WE Energy comes in to serve 4.4 million people in a total of four states.

WE Energies security

Business Requests

With over 4 million customers, it’s WE Energies top priority that their systems are up and running at all times. While it can be an inconvenience during a storm where the lights go out, but to major business and health care facilities, it can become more than just an inconvenience. With this in mind, WE Energies was requesting to upgrade their fencing to a security solution that would look aesthetically appealing next to the high profile Fiserv Forum. With threats happening more frequently around the world, WE Energies wants to be prepared if ever faced with a threatening situation.

WE Energies security

Our Solutions

To make this request a reality, the Century Fence team moved forward in installing their new ornamental security fencing. Once the installation had been completed, the new fencing stands 9’ tall with 1” pickets. This product is called Guardian and produced by Iron World. The 3 inch posts of the new fencing was set in concrete. With this process being completed, WE Energies can be confident that their new fencing will secure the perimeter for many more years to come.

WE Energies security

Final Results

With the Iron World Guardian product, WE Energy just took their security precautions to the next level. Additionally, it’s an aesthetically pleasing perimeter solution in the middle of the city of Milwaukee.

Thankfully with millions of people depending on WE Energy on a daily basis, they’re doing everything they can to prevent power outages (whether it’s from mother nature, or a man made threat). Now with this project completed, Century Fence looks forward to the next project ahead.

WE Energies security

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