Over 11,000 ft of Chain Link Fencing Installed at Verona High School!

Project Overview

If you wanted to see a large before and after results project, this is the one. Century Fence took on a large project which included installing new fences into over 10 different fields for Verona High School. Investing in student athletics is important for keeping students active and healthy, and making sure that each student has the ability to take part in sports that they love. By the end of the installation of the fencing, the changes were simply amazing!

Businesses Requests

The requests from Verona High School were lengthy yet no issue for Century Fence. The Century Fence team really enjoys taking on larger projects. What was included within this project was over 11,000 ft of chain link fencing and ornamental fencing! That was made up of one football stadium, soccer stadium, softball fields, baseball fields, custom dugouts, batting cages, foul poles, tennis courts, highway guardrail, and more! There wasn’t any shortage of tasks within this project to take on!

Our Solutions

The Century Fence team went right into the work. As mentioned before, there was quite a bit of task at hand, and the goal was to have them all installed in a timely manner with quality craftsmanship. The largest projects by far were the football stadium and soccer stadium which took up a large sum of the 11,000 feet of fencing that was successfully installed. Areas that were completed in the timeliest matter were the ticket booth area and the enclosed ornamental fencing entrance.

Verona high school

Final Thoughts

Once again, this project was nothing short of a large project! Century Fence has experience taking on large projects for several decades and is always ready for them. Putting up the finishing touches to the multiple sports fields is a rewarding experience to see how the installation of fencing can truly complete a project and keep its participants in a safer environment. Now after completing this project, it’s time for the students and staff of Verona High School to enjoy their new sports fields, and for Century Fence to move on to the next project!

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