Salvation ARMY – 18 Months of Work in 4 Hours

The Century team kicked off the 2019 year giving back at the Salvation Army in Oak Creek, WI. The century team is a group that doesn’t need to sit in a conference room and talk about teamwork. It’s a group that prefers to put teamwork into action. The Century team helped Salvation Army complete 18 months worth of work in 4 hours!
Gathering bef
The Salvation Army provided a diversity of projects for the Century team to tackle and leveraged many of our mechanically inclined teammates:
Cleaning the lunch tables
Organizing all the Christmas donations
Painting the gym
Cleaning cafeteria & event chairs
Assembling shelves
Taking down Christmas decorations
Reading to the kids
Giving the playground some “TLC”
Playing bingo with the elderly
Fixing a water fountain
Mopping the gym floor
Fixing pipes in kitchen
Cleaning Chairs