The Car Enthusiasts Dream – The Woodfield Court Motor Condos


Project Overview


Located in Suamico, Wisconsin, is where you can find a group of condos like no others around.
Now, you might be thinking, what’s so special about these condos? Great question, the answer
is that they are the car enthusiasts’ dream homes. They are condos that are mixed with modern
condo living, combined with a warehouse specific for storing your car collection. To have the
luxury to live in this type of motor condo, it comes as an expectation to take certain measures to
ensure that you and your vehicle collection are safe. Thus, this is where Fortress Fence,
a division of Century Fence, was needed to install multiple gates and fencing.


woodfield motor condos entrance

Business Requests


The Woodfield Court Motor Condos association wanted Fortress Fence to install various
security-related items. These included two walk gates, two operated sliding gates, ornamental
fencing, and gates in front of the entrance of the motor condo. The main purpose of this work
getting done was to first make sure that all people and their assets stay protected as previously
mentioned. The second reason is to add to the luxury amenities of the entire property which
adds both function and styling to the area.



motor condos gates

Our Solutions


When it comes to Fortress Fence, the crew can take on about any project! This particular project
was unique in the sense of being able to see the completely different lifestyle standards that the
homeowners have within their community of motor condos. Each of them shares a very
large interest which is no surprise, automobiles. Since this is the case, oftentimes they can all
meet up and show off their cars to one another in a fun and safe environment. Fortress Fence is
proud to say that they directly contributed to the safety aspect in the form of installing
multiple gates and fencing within their living community.

Final Solutions


After taking a look at the final results, they undoubtedly look fantastic! The slick black finish on
both the ornamental fencing and gates gives the property a modern look. Beyond looks, while
they are great, the function of the gates and fencing will be there to be used for years to come.
While this community has grown, it will continue to grow more into the future, and now it’s more
ready than ever to invite more people into their condos.