There’s Always Enough Space For a New Gate!

Project Overview

At one point or another, you’re going to likely run out of space. Businesses and individuals naturally accumulate stuff, everyone needs space to put their belongings. That’s where Extra Space Storage steps in to serve their clients. Although to best serve their clients, they needed to further improve their facility. Ultimately, Century Fence was able to help them do exactly that.

extra storage

Company Requests

To better improve the security of their buildings, Extra Space Storage was looking for a gate that could automatically open and close. They didn’t want a sliding gate because it would either slide across the entire face of the building or encroach on the adjacent property. On top of these requests, the gate also needed to be able to move quickly when opened or closed.

extra storage

Our Solutions

With all of Extra Space Storage requests in mind, Century Fence went ahead and installed an automatic gate. It has a 24’ opening along with the gate being 6’ high. The gate runs off a 12-volt battery, and it can even run when the power is out. When getting the gate installed, it was important the gate would lift open instead of sliding open. This way, it gives vehicles more room to move around which is essential.

extra storage

Final Results

The ultimate solution for Extra Space Storage was a functional and reliable tilt gate. The gate provides a wide opening for large trucks to enter and exit the secure facility while maximizing the limited space available at the corner of the property. Extra Space Storage went the extra mile to ensure a secure perimeter while providing a functional access point for its customers. With this project now completed, the Century Fence team is excited to tackle its next project!

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