Newly Installed Vinyl Pickleball Court Fence for Matches


Project Overview


When you think of a tennis court, you probably think of playing tennis or watching a tennis match. However, there’s much more that can be played on a tennis court. This includes and is not limited to, Pickleball. While there are clear differences in the games of Tennis and Pickleball, the building process of the court had Pickleball in mind.

Pickleball court fence installation


Business’s Requests


It was requested that a tennis court would be built for the main purpose of being able to play Pickleball on it. With that said, Century Fence knew that going forward and building their court around tennis standards, would work great for their purposes. From that point on, the Century Fence team moved on to installing the pickleball court fencing required.

tennis and pickleball court fence


Our Solutions


With the approach of creating a tennis court, the Century Fence team got to work on installing vinyl fencing. The new black vinyl fencing that was installed was 10’ tall which should be plenty high for pickleball. The tennis court ended up using 30’ x 34’ of the black vinyl fencing. The posts were installed into the concrete slab of the tennis court.

up close pickleball court fence


Final Results


When all said and done, the pictures speak for themselves. The new fencing around the tennis court really helps benefit the Pickleball players by helping them keep their game inside the tennis court. Now moving forward, the new pickleball court fencing will last for many more games of pickleball throughout the years to come. The Century Fence team was glad that everything was done smoothly and looks forward to the next project to come.


new pickleball court fence installed