Decorative Fencing

Milwaukee Full-Service Commercial Decorative Fencing Company

Century Fence is a full-service commercial decorative fencing company that services Milwaukee, the surrounding areas, and most of Wisconsin. We offer architectural, wood, composite, and PVC fencing solutions for your commercial or industrial properties!

Architectural Fencing

Architectural fencing is a modern solution enhancing the appearance and security of every property allowing you to illuminate your high-caliber image right through the fence. An example would be a project of ours where we added waves as an aesthetic upgrade around a waste sewage facility.

Century Fence has significant experience and expertise with architectural fencing to ensure we provide you with a timely, professional installation.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences are a great solution for an aesthetically appealing fence for bigger, commercial properties. It takes incredible diligence and precision for the wood fence to be professionally installed achieving the intended aesthetic appeal without lacking the security needed. Century Fence provides expert installations for:

  • Board on Board
  • Shadow Box
  • Custom Designs

Composite Fencing

The composite fence is a unique application with lasting durability, stunning looks, and limiting visibility on your property. Not every fence project needs to surround an entire property. We’ve done projects that simply enclose specific areas such as messy dumpster enclosures with decorative composite fencing!

Century Fence is the leader in providing unique solutions to your fencing needs and installing the newest fence products professionally and flawlessly. We take on every type of fence product delivering professional installations on every job.

PVC Fencing

Century Fence will help you navigate the various options regarding the PVC product. PVC fencing is viewed as a very durable product because it does not get sun damage, rain rolls right off of it and it’s incredibly impact-resistant!

We will help ensure you receive product and installation with consistent, high-quality product from panel to panel, picket to picket. PVC is designed to increase durability and long-term performance. Century Fence has vast experience with the PVC product and will ensure your project is a success and installed for the long term.

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