Salvation ARMY – 18 Months of Work in 4 Hours

The Century team kicked off the 2019 year giving back at the Salvation Army in Oak Creek, WI. The century team is a group that doesn’t need to sit in a conference room and talk about teamwork. It’s a group that prefers to put teamwork into action. The Century team helped Salvation Army complete 18 months worth of work in 4 hours!
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The Salvation Army provided a diversity of projects for the Century team to tackle and leveraged many of our mechanically inclined teammates:
Cleaning the lunch tables
Organizing all the Christmas donations
Painting the gym
Cleaning cafeteria & event chairs
Assembling shelves
Taking down Christmas decorations
Reading to the kids
Giving the playground some “TLC”
Playing bingo with the elderly
Fixing a water fountain
Mopping the gym floor
Fixing pipes in kitchen
Cleaning Chairs

Century Fence Kicks Off 2016 At Feeding America

Trying to stay warm can be difficult during a deep freeze in the Midwest, but the Century Fence team is trying to cool off after spending the day at Feeding America sorting over 37,000 pounds of food!


It was an eye opening experience to be at Feeding America’s facility in Milwaukee. It is a gigantic facility requiring an enormous amount of manpower to facilitate its daily operating requirements. We were so glad we were able to help them in their valiant mission!


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The opportunity to serve at Feeding America was a great reminder that we are blessed to be in a position to help others and our culture has an unmatched work ethic (It’s incredible to sort through 37,000+ lbs of food in a couple hours!)


We are looking forward to a great year and earning your business in 2016!


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