Century Fence installs any and all commercial / industrial applications of fence from high security military bases to your small dumpster enclosure. We are ready to help you with your high profile job or the fence around your commercial property.

Pavement Marking

Century Fence is a full service highway and roadway marking company with expertise in every aspect of pavement marking. Century Fence has the largest fleet of trucks and the greatest manpower in the Midwest to accomplish your time sensitive projects to limit traffic congestion.

Convenient Locations

Forest Lake, MN

Century Fence Locations

14839 Lake Drive (P.O. Box 277)

Forest Lake, MN 55025

Phone: (800) 328-9558

Fax: (651) 464-7377

Century Fence Representatives

Fence DivisionIan Jorgensen: ijorgensen@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionNate Horner: nhorner@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionDerek Harrison: DHarrison@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionJosh Stringfellow: JStringfellow@centuryfence.com

Pavement DivisionAdam Jeske: ajeske@centuryfence.com

Green Bay, WI

Century Fence Locations

1225 Lakeview Drive

Green Bay, WI 54313

Phone: (800) 280-1551

Fax: (920) 490-9339

Century Fence Representatives

Fence DivisionGeoff Seefeldt: gseefeldt@ffence.com

Fence DivisionLucas Meyer: lmeyer@ffence.com

Fence DivisionJason Plate: jplate@ffence.com

Pavement DivisionJason Voelker: jvoelker@centuryfence.com

Pewaukee, WI

Century Fence Locations

1300 Hickory Street (P.O. Box 727)

Pewaukee, WI 53072

Phone: (800) 558-0507

Fax: (262) 691-3463

Century Fence Representatives

Fence DivisionMike Crapp: mcrapp@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionGreg Sonnenburg: gsonnenburg@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionTom Foerster: tfoerster@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionKevin O’Malley: komalley@centuryfence.com

Fence DivisionMike Grzbowski: mgrzybowski@Centuryfence.com

Pavement DivisionJason Voelker: jvoelker@centuryfence.com

La Crosse, WI

Century Fence Locations

1601 Ramsey Pl

La Crosse, WI 54603

Phone: (608) 782-2292

Century Fence Representatives

Fence DivisionScott Roush: sroush@centuryfence.com

Davenport, IA

Century Fence Locations



Phone: (563) 380-2611

Century Fence Representatives

Fence DivisionJason Calvert: jcalvert@centuryfence.com