Commercial Fence & Gate Repair

Century Fence is your resource for any and all repairs to your commercial fencing. We are dedicated to securing your site and making every fence look the same way as it was prior to the damage. We value your time and pride ourselves on being able to fix your fence promptly.

Free Fence & Gate Repair Assessment
Our team as Century Fence will always come to your commercial site free of charge to determine the best approach for your damaged fence, gate, posts, fence fabric or anything else wrong with your fence or gates!

We’re here to give you our expertise for the best course of action to fix your fence to make sure everything is back to the way it should be! Feel free to reach out to us directly to schedule a time for us to come out to your commercial site!

Otherwise, view below for the rest of our repair services!

Commercial Gate Repairs

Century Fence manufactures gates in-house giving us the capability of servicing your gates within 36 business hours. We understand that access is imperative for your business security and operations, making us a leader in all commercial gate repair and maintenance.

Damaged Posts Services

Century Fence sales force and superintendents will visit your site free of charge to determine the best approach for your damaged posts. We will give you sound advice to cost-effectively fix your fence. We’ll help you navigate the options to fix your damaged posts whether it requires welding, fully replacing the post, or simply adjusting the post.

Damaged Fence Fabric Repair

When fence fabric is damaged, not only does it look bad, but it doesn’t do its job properly. We often repair fence fabric for your commercial site as part of our regular maintenance!

Repair Gallery