Commercial Ornamental Fencing

Hoping to steer clear of the “institutional” look? Century Fence specializes in ornamental fence applications to create a final result that will enhance your commercial property, campus, sports stadium, and much more. Ornamental fence applications provide a distinct balance of perimeter security while providing a professional aesthetically pleasing design.

Ornamental Fence Benefits

If you’re looking into ornamental fencing for the first time, it’s important to know some of the benefits compared to other fencing materials and options.

The materials used for ornamental fence applications are incredibly durable. Ornamental fencing is constructed with high-quality steel to make it a great option for harsh environmental conditions.

Since it is so durable, it is viewed to be very low maintenance. Ornamental fence is virtually rust-resistant which is one of the primary problems when it comes to other types of materials out there.

Another benefit is the eco-friendly fact that ornamental fence is recyclable. By choosing a steel choice, you’re able to eventually recycle the fence and not have to worry about waste!

The design compatibility of ornamental fencing is a huge plus for many commercial properties out there that don’t want to take away from any architecture or landscaping that you have in place. We often find that it can actually complement these features when installed properly!

Ornamental Fence Experts

Century Fence has extraordinary experience and expertise in taking on specialty jobs throughout the Midwest. Please consult with our professional staff as you begin the planning stages for your industrial fence because specialty fence requires experience and expertise to make such an investment successful.

Ornamental Fence Gallery