Bay Ship Gets Coast Guard Approved High Security Fencing

Project Overview

Not all shipyards are made equal. Some are specifically made for repairing your typical fishing boats, and then there are others who house superyachts and commercial sized vessels. Bay Ship takes their work seriously by guaranteeing their customers the maximum amount of safety when caring for their clients ships. In order to help ensure that Bay Ship is able to meet their needs, they requested some assistance from Fortress Fence.

Bay Ship

Business Requests

Bay Ship purchased the buildings in the picture below from Palmer Johnson yacht company, the Palmer Johnson buildings were mixed between city streets creating significant exposure to the public. Bay Ship worked with the city of Sturgeon Bay to purchase sections of the public streets in order to bolster security for their customers yachts. After getting approval to acquire portions of public streets, Bay Ship reached out to Fortress fence to assist with providing an aesthetic and secure perimeter around the new Bay Ship facility.

Bay Ship

Our Solution

Once the streets were officially owned by Bay Ship, Fortress Fence moved forward in installing the ornamental fencing. To meet the security requirements of the Coast Guard, the fencing was 8’ high. Bay Ship decided upon the high security fencing to ensure the utmost security for its client’s assets. When picking the fencing, they felt that having the fencing be black would be best to match to the style they were looking for.

Bay Ship fencing

Final Results

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Bay Ship won’t have to be concerned about their fencing for a quite a long time. Not only is it set up as a perimeter around their properties, but it also acts as an additional safety measure for their clients. In this case, you can’t go wrong with more security, and Bay Ship was able to act and take their facility to the next level. Fortress Fence is glad it was able to help Bay Ship and is excited for the next project that awaits.

Bay Ship fencing
Bay Ship fencing infographic

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