Commercial Fencing Services

Century Fence provides a wide variety of fencing solutions since we have expertise in every aspect of commercial fencing. Ranging from high-security fencing to installing gates, we can fill many needs of our clients.

Since its beginning, Century Fence was the first manufacturer of chain link fence products in the state of Wisconsin. Century also pioneered the “C” section post during the 70′s which is now a standard in the fence industry. The company continues to promote products that promise to provide ever-increasing customer satisfaction in the fence market.

Commercial Fencing Solutions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & the General Midwest

High Security
Century Fence has experience providing high-security solutions for prisons, utility plants, data centers, military bases, and more using the needed fencing for the job. Whether that be high-security wire mesh, barbed wire, electric fences, zero visibility, and others.

Century Fence provides answers to all access control areas or a simple solution to a parking lot swing gate. Our expert commercial gate team installs various types of gates such as slide gates, swing gates, turnstiles, lift gates, and operators.

Century Fence is able to fix your fence or gate for any size project. We understand the importance of prompt fully correct repairs. Our team will come to your commercial site free of charge to determine the approach needed for your damaged fence or gate.

Century Fence produces high-quality vinyl fencing to create a final result that will completely enhance your site with a professional aesthetically pleasing design. We’ve completed projects from pickleball to high school tennis court fencing.

Chain Link
Century Fence produces extraordinary chain link fencing that provides a professional-looking design that can be used as perimeter fencing. We specialize in various chain link fencing solutions from athletic facilities to libraries.

Century Fence specializes in ornamental fencing to create a final result that will enhance your commercial property, campus, sports stadium, and much more. Ornamental fencing solutions provide a balance of security with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Century Fence can help you navigate the vast options to provide an aesthetically appealing solution to your fencing needs. We offer architectural, wood, composite, and PVC fencing solutions for your commercial or industrial properties.

We GUARANTEE we will provide you the service you expect and deserve on your commercial fencing project. We dive deep into the plans of your project prior to the launch to avoid surprises or headaches throughout the project. You do not have time to deal with subcontractors who are looking to cut corners. It is important to have a trustworthy partner in the investment of your fence otherwise the lifespan of your fence could be severely shortened making it a much more expensive project in the long run. If you’re looking for where to start with your project, we can give you a fencing quote on what it might take to complete your needs.

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