Have You Seen the New Fencing at Panera Bread?

Project Overview

The Panera Bread, located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, had been looking to improve the way they could serve their guests. Being that summer was on the way, one of the best ways on how they could incorporate the nice weather into their business was with an outdoor patio. This has proven to be an effective way to attract more customers, Panera Bread also decided to have one built. This patio designed for guests would need new fencing for them to consider it ready for their customers.

Panera Manitowoc

Business Requests

Panera Bread had requested that they wanted fencing to go around their outdoor patio. The main reasoning behind this was for safety precautions. An additional benefit, besides enhanced safety, is that the patio gives their guests more seating options. While this might sound like a huge factor, it could be the determining factor whether or not a group of people wants to go to a specific restaurant. When Panera Bread was done sharing their requests with Fortress Fence, division of Century Fence, the project was able to begin fully.

Panera Manitowoc

Our Solutions

The Fortress Fence team was able to go ahead and first install ornamental fencing posts which were put 9′ above the concrete surface. Additionally, Composites were installed between each post and framed with powder-coated steel to give a perfect matching design. The general contractor then hung decorative lights on top of the posts. Each post was installed in concrete footings before the concrete surface was poured. For this project, the composite boards were installed in a horizontal fashion instead of the standard vertical style. Powder coated rails framed out the panels, giving it a finished look.

Panera Manitowoc

Final Results

Once the installation was finished, it makes you want to sit down and relax on their patio. Truly having new ornamental fencing around the perimeter of the patio makes a world of difference. Customers now have the opportunity to enjoy their food during the day or at night at the new outdoor patio area. Fortress Fence is satisfied with the final results and looks forward to the next upcoming project.

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