New Fencing on Haertel Field for Carroll University

Project Overview

This past fall, Carroll University had Haertel Field fully remodeled. The area was starting to fall apart, and it did not represent Carroll University to its full potential. The field is home to a variety of sporting events each year in Waukesha Wisconsin. Right after the new field was put into place, the perimeter of the venue was fully upgraded providing a professional appearance to the remodeled Haertel Field.

Century Fence Haertel Field
The image above shows an aerial view of Haertel Field at 100 W Newhall Ave, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Requests From Carroll University

From the start, Carroll University was generally clear on what they wanted to see get added onto Haertel Field. They knew that there was fencing needed in specific areas, although they let Century Fence decide what types of fencing would best fit each area.

Our Solution

During the construction of Haertel Field, it had many unique aspects to the build. What made the project stand out was it included many different types of fencing throughout the property. The decision was made to include a combination of galvanized chain link, black vinyl chain link and ornamental fencing.

Century Fence Haertel Field Before And After

Ornamental Fencing installed at Haertel Field for Carroll University. Century Fence specializes in ornamental fencing to create a final result that will enhance your site. Ornamental fence applications provide a distinct balance of perimeter security while providing a professional aesthetically pleasing design.

Black Vinyl Chain Link Fencing installed at Haertel Field for Carroll University. Century Fence provides aluminized, galvanized, and vinyl chain link fence installations. Professional chain link installations with screening available.

Clients Feedback

Once the fencing project was completed, it turned out to be a great finishing touch to the new and improved Haertel Field. It completely gave the field a more professional atmosphere. The players and spectators noticed the fencing changes right away just from the street views alone and were impressed. Carroll University would later comment that, “Century Fence has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Their quality of work is outstanding, and their salespeople and installers always impress us. Century Fence has far exceeded our expectations.” Century Fence is pleased that we’ve been able to serve our clients needs and we look forward to working on more projects.

Ask Our Experts

If you are interested in learning more about this solution or why an ornamental, galvanized chain link, black vinyl chain link fencing might be what you’re looking for, contact Century Fence Company today. With over 100 years’ experience in the commercial fencing industry, we can customize a solution to fit your needs. And with a salesforce throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, we can come to you and get your project done correctly and quickly.

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