Festival Foods Gets Newly Installed Ornamental Fencing

Project Overview

What comes to your mind when you hear Wisconsin cheese? Is it the cheese heads at Lambeau field, or is it the classic Wisconsin cheese sold in grocery stores throughout Wisconsin? Either way, located in Green Bay Wisconsin was one of Fortress Fence’s most recent projects. More specifically, it was for the Festival Foods grocery store. They were in need of fencing, and Fortress Fence was there to meet their needs.

festival foods

Business Requests

Festival Foods has multiple loading stations at the back of their facility with a residential neighborhood right behind their facility. Festival Foods wanted to secure the perimeter to reduce exposure to theft and trespassing.

Fortress Fence went to work to find what would be the best solution for their requirements. After reviewing the various solutions, Festival Foods decided to move forward with ornamental fencing. It would provide the privacy and protection to Festival Foods, without it being an eyesore to the homeowners behind their property.

festival foods

Business Solutions

The final size of the fencing ended up being a little bit over 6 feet tall. This is what was needed and nothing more for their circumstances. Previously, their incoming inventory was being readily exposed to people outside of the business, and with their new stone designed screen fencing, this installation should end any concerns of theft.

festival foods

Final Results

The results honestly speak for itself. It doesn’t take long to figure out that the new add on-screen fencing looks excellent around festival foods building while having a modern up to date designed fencing. Not only does Festival Foods appreciate this, but also the neighbors will appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the ornamental installation.

festival foods
festival foods infographic

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