Pickleball for Everyone at the YMCA

Project Overview

Local members at the YMCA in Grand Rapids, MN are getting ready to enjoy their newly built pickleball courts. The sport has become incredibly popular in Minnesota and the YMCA in Grand Rapids has made sure that its members have access to playing it at nearly anytime during the day. For decades, the YMCA has been able to provide its members a long list of activities to participate in and now it has all of the necessary equipment needed to play Pickleball. It’s simply another impressive addition to their list of activities to get involved with.

ymca pickleball

Business Requests

Playing sports like tennis or pickleball can be incredibly difficult that you don’t have any fencing. It would probably get quite frustrating at the very least! Thankfully, Century Fence was there to be able to install the fencing that they needed for the newly-built courts. The fencing needed to go around the perimeter of the courts, along with the borders of each court. Based on past projects, the YMCA would need to have this fencing be ready to withstand many years of being exposed to the elements.

Our Solutions

For their specific situation, a chain link fence would best fit what they were looking for. It didn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy such as decorative ornamental fencing but rather chain link fencing would work great in a pickleball court environment. The total perimeter fencing was about 10 ft high, and the border fencing inside the perimeter was about 5 feet tall.

ymca pickleball

Final Results

With the chain link fencing completely installed, the pickleball courts now truly look complete. The YMCA members will be able to enjoy playing pickleball for years to come with their friends and family. Now Florida snowbirds no longer have to wait to go down to Florida to start playing pickleball! Moving forward, Century Fence is excited to move towards the next project that awaits!

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