Powder Coated Guardrail Just in Time for the Super Bowl

Project Overview

Sporting events are far more than just a game. Especially when it comes to the Super Bowl! They’re an asset to local economies thanks to the fact that these sporting events attract hundreds of thousands of people each year to cities all around the nation. This means before and even after each game has finished, crowds of people naturally continue to contribute to local business sales. In this specific project, the Hennepin County Energy Center wanted to replace their old guardrail with a new updated one in time for the Super Bowl before the masses come to Minneapolis, Minnesota at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

US Bank stadium super bowl

Business Requests

When your business is located just across the street from an NFL team’s stadium, the roads are just about guaranteed to get busy. Now considering that there’s going to be a Super Bowl being hosted soon at U.S. Bank Stadium, one can only imagine how many people that will attract. With that said, Hennepin County Energy Center wanted to have a new guardrail installed without losing any additional parking space. Due to their location, parking spots are at a premium which is why the new railing needed to take up no extra space in order to meet their requests.

Our Solutions

Once it was decided that Century Fence would replace their previous wood guardrail, it was brought up that powder coating a steel guardrail would give it a nice finishing look, while giving them an upgrade in protection of their businesses storefront. With their new updated guardrails, it was purposely a fast turnaround to ensure that Century Fence was able to accommodate them just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl. At the time of this project, the Super Bowl was only a matter of a couple weeks away!

Final Results

The extra effort paid off since the Century Fence team was able to complete the task before the Super Bowl! With nearly countless amount of people and traffic coming their way soon, it only made sense to ensure that their guardrail would be professional looking and ready at all times. The people at Hennepin County Energy Center were quite impressed by the final product that was requested. Century Fence is proud to finish another successful project and move on to the next project

US Bank stadium super bowl

Ask Our Experts

If you are interested in learning more about this solution or why a guardrail might be what you’re looking for, contact Century Fence Company today. With over 100 years’ experience in the commercial fencing industry, we can customize a solution to fit your needs. And with a sales force throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, we can come to you and get your project done correctly and quickly.

To reach one of our salespeople, please contact one of our offices:

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