Moon Motorsports Rockin’ Their New Decorative Fencing

Project Overview:


When it comes to finding a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or even a trailer, Moon Motorsports is one of the best known dealerships to go to in Monticello, Minnesota. With their extensive inventory of over 500 vehicles, it was of great importance to them to ensure that their facility continued to stay secure and functional at all times. Century Fence came into this project with the goal of helping them improve the privacy of their buildings side entrance.



Requests From Business:


Moon Motorsports interest in increasing protection for their inventory was made clear to Century Fence right as the project began. After reviewing various fencing options, the final choice was to go ahead and install decorative fencing around the side of their building, along with the installation of two slide gates. When it came to the function and design of the fencing and gates, Moon Motorsports requested a stone like design. The selected design complimented the colors of their main facility, while securing its inventory.



Our Solution:


The product selected was Sim Tek. For this specific project, the general contractor was the Larson Builders. The rock design fencing and gate was made from a strong polyethylene reinforced with steel. For the slide gates, it was requested that one of them were made to be operational. However, The manufacturer did not offer an operational slide gate option so we built a steel frame and powder coated it to match the product. Then the next step was to incorporate the product into the custom made frame. The slide gates ended up being 20’ wide and 8’ high once completed.



Final Results:


Moon Motorsports wanted decorative fencing and two sliding gates with a rock layout design, and that’s exactly what they received. Not just the looks are stunning, but so is the facility with their newest upgrade in their security measures. At the end of the day, Moon Motorsports was happy with the final results, and that means Century Fence is ready again to take on the next project at hand!



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