Hey Batter Batter Enjoy the New UWGB Softball Field!

Project Overview

The University of Green Bay offers its students many programs to help them get into a career
that they truly enjoy and will want to stick with. Besides academics, there is still more to life, and
improving your health is one of those things! By far, one of the most popular ways of doing this
is taking part in athletics. At UWGB, women have the option to participate in playing Softball.
Like with other sports offered at UWGB, they invest in their students to ensure that they have
all the resources needed to be successful. In the scenario of UWGB, Fortress Fence was able
to drastically improve its softball fields.


Businesses Requests

To completely give the UWGB Softball team’s field a new makeover, there were several
requests made that Fortress Fence was able to fulfill. The first request was to have vinyl fencing
installed around the perimeter of the field. Secondly was to have new gates installed, then a
new batting cage area, and finally new vinyl fencing below the backstop netting system. It could
certainly be said that UWGB is setting up its students for success not just in the classroom, but
also on the field!


Our Solutions

Fortress Fence was ready and excited to take on this project! In the past, Fortress Fence had
worked on many other softball and baseball fields. This ultimately means that the Fortress crew
was ready to take on this project. For this project, each of the gates and fencing installed were
coated black which helps players clearly see the boundaries of the field. This may seem like
basics to a player, but when your eyes are on a fly ball in the outfield, you could forget about the
fencing if it was in a color that blended in with the colors of the field. Regardless, the changes
made to their field were the right choice!

Final Thoughts

The softball players of UWGB, are now truly ready to play ball! The new gates and
fencing stand out well in the field, yet blend to make the softball field an outstanding area to
play. With all of the work that Fortress Fence had completed, their team has better abilities to
practice, and host season games for years to come! The Fortress Fence crew looks forward to
the next project that awaits them!