How Century Fence Assisted Minnkota Power to Create a Secure and Accessible Facility

Project Overview

It’s no secret that power plants are large facilities requiring a secure perimeter but also functional access points for employees, vendors, visitors etc. Minnkota Power made a long term investment seeking a contractor who can effectively install 12 Gate operators and various styles of fencing around the perimeter of the facility.

Minnkota fencing

Business Requests

The Minnkota Power Facility came to Century Fence in hopes to bolster the perimeter security around their facility along with 12 operational gates. Century Fence team was able to guide and educate Minnkota Power on the best products for their needs.

Minnkota fencing

Our Solutions

Once the final decision had been made, their ended up being three types of installments on their facility. The first type was installing 3,000 feet of new 7 FT tall ornamental fencing throughout the perimeter of their facility. The second fencing installation was 4,500 feet of 8FT high chain link fencing. For the third part of this project, the Century Fence team installed a total of 12 operated gates for easy vehicle entrance. This extensive project did take a little over 1 year to complete, but the results in the end were well worth it.

Minnkota fencing

Final Results

Minnkota Power made a long term investment in the security of their facility while providing functional access points for employees and visitors to securely enter and leave the facility. Century Fence successfully partnered with ICS Construction throughout the project. We know Minnkota Power Facility will have many decades to enjoy their newly installed fencing and operational gates. Moving forward, Century Fence looks forward to the next project that awaits!

Minnkota fencing infographic

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