The $3.06MM High School Football Stadium

Project Overview

The students of De Pere High School got news of a $3.06 million upgrade to their football field, or now, stadium! This newly built stadium includes a larger grandstand, bleachers, visitor seating, and all-around better improvements, including energy-efficient lighting. This large undertaking was presented in early December of 2019 and was planned to be completed by late summer of 2020. Taking part in this impressive vision for a high school football stadium was Fortress Fence, a division of Century Fence, to assist in supplying the necessary fencing within and around the new stadium.

DePere High School

Businesses Requests

To complete a project like a football stadium, there’s much construction needed to make it complete. One of the most important parts of this for safety is the fencing. During this specific project, Fortress Fence was to install both vinyl and ornamental fencing. More specifically, the ornamental fencing was planned to go around the stadium and around the ropes course area within the stadium itself. Additionally, the vinyl fencing was to go around the perimeter of the track.

DePere High School

Our Solutions

The Fortress Fence crew was able to get done exactly what the De Pere High School had requested. The vinyl fencing eloquently blends with the stadium to give in a truly finished look. Beyond looks, it will also serve a great function in keeping both athletes and spectators in their respected areas. The ornamental fencing will also serve as an important purpose of keeping any possible trespassers out of the area during closed time periods.

DePere High School

Final Solutions

Now as one views the completed stadium, it can easily be seen as to how well everything came together. This huge improvement as a football stadium will be used and enjoyed by thousands of players for many years to come into the future. Who knows, maybe multiple pros will come from this stadium. So far, the pros at Fortress Fence have been at this stadium and their dedication to a high standard of work clearly shows at De Pere High School.

DePere High School

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