The Car Enthusiasts Dream – The Woodfield Court Motor Condos

woodfield court

Project Overview Located in Suamico, Wisconsin, is where you can find a group of condos like no others around. Now, you might be thinking, what’s so special about these condos? Great question, the answer is that they are the car enthusiasts’ dream homes. They are condos that are mixed with modern condo living, combined with […]

Hey Batter Batter Enjoy the New UWGB Softball Field!

UWGB Field 1

Project Overview The University of Green Bay offers its students many programs to help them get into a career that they truly enjoy and will want to stick with. Besides academics, there is still more to life, and improving your health is one of those things! By far, one of the most popular ways of […]

Over 11,000 ft of Chain Link Fencing Installed at Verona High School!

verona high school 1

Project Overview If you wanted to see a large before and after results project, this is the one. Century Fence took on a large project which included installing new fences into over 10 different fields for Verona High School. Investing in student athletics is important for keeping students active and healthy, and making sure that […]

Green Bay, WI Offers More Than Lambeau Field!

green bay 3

Project Overview In Green Bay, Wisconsin, there’s more to do than just enjoy a Packers football game! In fact, there’s many opportunities for plenty of in-store shopping! The Titletown District, close to Lambeau field is a perfect place for exactly that. Titletown is known for its shops, restaurants, and year-round activities taking place. In order […]

The $3.06MM High School Football Stadium

DePere High School

Project Overview The students of De Pere High School got news of a $3.06 million upgrade to their football field, or now, stadium! This newly built stadium includes a larger grandstand, bleachers, visitor seating, and all-around better improvements, including energy-efficient lighting. This large undertaking was presented in early December of 2019 and was planned to […]

Connecting the World One Satellite at a Time

satellite 2

Project Overview There’s no shortage of activities to do in Wisconsin, and when visiting Lake Geneva, it surely guarantees a good time. With being able to enjoy parks, hiking trails, museums, golfing, ski hills and of course tons of on-water activities. Located in Lake Geneva is Isotropic Networks Inc, a Satellite communication service. Century Fence […]

Let the Show Begin with Century Fence

gebhardt madison 2

Project Overview If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, you’d know that there’s rarely any shortage of activities to take part in. Anything from the famous Camp Randell Stadium which is the home of the top-ranked Wisconsin Badgers, all the way to attending concerts and comedian acts at the Orpheum Theater. One of Century Fence’s most […]

Century Fence Generates a New Generator Enclosure

Lawrence Trex 3

Project Overview The city of Appleton is nestled in the middle of Wisconsin which is where the Fortress Fence team just completed one of their most recent projects. Appleton, Wisconsin is the home to over 70,000 people and is also the home of Lawrence University. Their roots are well-grounded since its establishment in 1847 making it […]

Salvation ARMY – 18 Months of Work in 4 Hours

Salvation Army Oak Creek

The Century team kicked off the 2019 year giving back at the Salvation Army in Oak Creek, WI. The century team is a group that doesn’t need to sit in a conference room and talk about teamwork. It’s a group that prefers to put teamwork into action. The Century team helped Salvation Army complete 18 […]

Have You Seen the New Fencing at Panera Bread?

Panera Manitowoc 3

Project Overview The Panera Bread, located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, had been looking to improve the way they could serve their guests. Being that summer was on the way, one of the best ways on how they could incorporate the nice weather into their business was with an outdoor patio. This has proven to be an […]

Over 4000 Feet of Fencing Installed at Hull Rust Mine View

hull rust mine view 3

Project Overview Throughout the years, Century Fence has worked on thousands of different projects of all different types. This can also include specialty projects. Most recently, Century Fence was a part of the Hull Rust Mine View project. It is a mining monument that overlooks an active iron mine on the iconic iron range in Northern […]

Pickleball for Everyone at the YMCA

ymca pickleball 1

Project Overview Local members at the YMCA in Grand Rapids, MN are getting ready to enjoy their newly built pickleball courts. The sport has become incredibly popular in Minnesota and the YMCA in Grand Rapids has made sure that its members have access to playing it at nearly anytime during the day. For decades, the […]